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KAW Solutions has already begun the preparation for our client’s 1099s, 1096s, and W2s. We previously posted a reminder that it was time to get you year-end wrap-up done. Hopefully, you’ve already completed or, at least, begun that process. But now, its time to get started with your 2017 business tax documentation.Getting out ahead of the tax season can free you from tons of stress, not to mention the hassle and potential expense of missed deadlines and filing fees. However, there are some challenges to making this happen. For instance, some business owners are not entirely sure which individuals or companies need to receive 1099’s. Added to this is that occasionally the companies and individuals we have worked with seem to lack a sense of urgency in sending back W9s. (Quick Tip – Make it a policy to have W9’s before sending out payment, even if you may not need them.) Everyone is busy this time of year. Local businesses are reviewing there annual plans and budget. Most are preparing for their years marketing and growth.

Its easy to see why tax documents can seem like a distraction. After all, successful people are successful because they focus on what is important.

What some of us may miss with this type of task is the distraction it generates. By prioritizing preparation of your 1099s, W2s, and your 1096 as “important and urgent”, we can decrease the amount of time its in the back of our minds. This can, in fact, make us much more effective at all the other things we have already prioritized. Singular focus is a very powerful weapon in our arsenal of skills. Give it a try and see the difference.

Looking for alternative way to reach singular focus without breaking away from the things you know are important for the success of your business this year, KAW Solutions can quickly and cost effectively take it all away from you. Call us or use the form to the right. We will be back to you within 8 business hours. Usually within a few minutes. Our team of bookkeepers, accountants, and QuickBooks Pros work a an outsourced bookkeeping department for many excellent local businesses. Smart folks on the team with more than a decade of business bookkeeping success. We can help you get your year wrapped up, and you filing finished. So, you can call it done.

YES, I need help with 1099s, W2s, & 1096s this year.

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