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Preparing your business for growth…

When Business Is Young

In many cases, new businesses have humble beginnings. The owner finds themselves acting as the salesperson, technician, account manager, resolutions hotline, and fills all support rolls. The emphasis is on limiting expenses while revenues develop to sufficiency. These are busy and potentially exciting times. However, this pace can become taxing and maintaining such an accelerated schedule is only possible for so long.

As The Firm Matures

The busier the new company becomes the less time there is for anything other than service to clients or customers and the sales calls that usually result from great customer experience and referrals. That’s terrific, except that the books can’t do themselves, and depending on the business type, one or more hard tax deadlines and associated stiff penalties, will drive the task of bookkeeping rapidly into first place on the “urgent list” for many business owners. When this happens, there are often only two choices available to the owner. They can put all else on hold to tackle the books, or they can bring in some help.

Preparing For Transition

Bookkeeping help can be incredibly affordable with just a little advanced preparation. So, whether preparing for a permanent or temporary transition, preparation can save a business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Below is a list of things that can help ensure cost effective, and effective, professional help. If you’d like to find-out more or join us for one of our interactive webinars to get specific questions asked, feel free to contact us via the form to the right below.

  • Host your books on the cloud so it accessible from anywhere by any authorized user
  • Use an updated version of your bookkeeping software of choice
  • Make sure you use a bookkeeping software that is used by bookkeeping professionals
  • Ensure your chart of accounts, incomes, and expenses, are mapped and allocated correctly
  • If you have already setup your books hire a professional bookkeeper to review the setup
  • Arrange for a professional annual review of your books
  • Keep all receipts – Preferably marked an separated in electronic format
  • Get familiar with tax code regarding things that impact your business – Depreciation, Expense, etc.
  • Get educated with regard to your bookkeeping software of choice. It will save you many hours of your time

If you know you don’t have time to keep your own books, reach-out to a professional bookkeeping company, like KAW Solutions, and find-out how affordable outsourced bookkeeping can be for your company.

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Michael Ross (Franchise Owner)
Michael Ross (Franchise Owner)
19:54 04 Jan 20
A great help with my books and records. We have been with them over 5 years.
Theresa D
Theresa D
17:06 03 Jan 20
Always responsive and very qualified. Nancy Warner is our account manager and has done an excellent job!
Rosalind Kramer
Rosalind Kramer
20:58 01 Jan 20
Very accurate, well organized, answer any and all questions immediately--they see the big picture for my business and... have a good understanding of tax matters etc.read more
Paulanne Gregson
Paulanne Gregson
18:30 01 Jan 20
We are very impressed by the level of professionalism & knowledge that KAW Bookkeeping Services provides for our... Interior Design Firm. We highly recommend their services! Exquisite Designsread more
tammy c
tammy c
15:24 26 Aug 19
I have a small business and have been working with KAW to help answer accounting questions and work with me in... QuickBooks. They have been very patient, helpful, and straight forward. If you have any sort of accounting or QuickBooks questions, I would highly recommend this group! Ironically enough, I was speaking with a friend on what accounting group they trust, and they too, mentioned KAW!read more
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