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The year is almost over and now its crunch time for tax filling preparation. Time is at a premium around the holidays. we’re ready to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones, but we know we have critical year-end tasks that must be completed. Its tough enough if you know what you’re doing with your books or if you have a bookkeeper and just need to deliver documentation, but if you’re doing yourself and/or your not a bookkeeping expert balancing year-end process and the demands outside your business can seem to teeter somewhere between frustrating and darn near impossible!
Well, we have some great new for you. No I’m sorry, we don’t have clones who can do the work for you, while you go take care of the fun stuff. But, we do have two ways to help you beat the demands on your time. First, KAW Solutions can help you to wrap-up your year-end books directly. If you’re more the do it yourself type, we can offer you group or one-on-one training with one of our QuickBooks Pros, so you can be as efficient as possible in wrapping up your own year-end books.If we can be of any help, you can simply use the form below, or call us directly – Here’s our contact information.

One day someone may develop AI or a clone that can do the work for you while you enjoy the finer things, until that day, we think this is the best possible fix for busy business operators who just want to spend some quality time with their friends and families.
Should you choose to use the handy form to the right, we promise to get back to you within 2 business hours of receipt. If you prefer to reach us live, we always strive to answer every call in person, however should you find yourself having to leave a message on our answering system for any reason, we will definitely be back to you within 2 business hours of your message.
If you are wondering what this is going to cost, here’s a link to our rates page. If you find this type of help listed for less, please be very cautious. If there’s was a way to provide you with access to truly professional leave bookkeeping help for less, we’re pretty we’d have figured-out how to do it over the decade plus we’ve been providing this type of business support.

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