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See if you can relate to this business scenario:

So, you’ve started your business. There’s a few expenses and a little income. You know you need to track these in your books for taxes, to make good business decisions, and to be prepared for your immediate and long-term growth. Seems like its a fairly simple proposition and shouldn’t take up too much time while your business is young. So, you connect with your tax account to let him know that you are going

to handle the books and he gives you the thumbs-up. “Just make sure you have your chart of accounts, assets, liabilities, long-term depreciation, and annual expenses lined up for us, and we should be able to keep your tax preparation costs to a minimum!”, he says. As he smiles encouragingly and shakes your hand. “Oh sure thing!”, you reply smiling back as you leave his office. “Just one problem…”, you think to yourself, “…I’m not even sure what those really are let alone how to ensure they track correctly on my QuickBooks!” But, ever the savvy entrepreneur, you decide that there’s probably a better way to figure it our than a three hour long discussion at $300 per hour, so you head back to your office. Arriving back, you find your email is on overflow, text is going gang-busters, and you’ve need to return five phone calls, all before you can get back to doing the work that makes you money. A few hours later, you look up and your ninety days behind on your bookkeeping responsibilities, and you still have to contend with the learning curb of business accounting and the software. What’s a busy entrepreneur to do?

If this, or something vaguely similar, is your situation, you are not alone. The terrific news is that there is indeed a cost efficient and convenient way to get the information that you need in order to effectively and efficiently manage your books, and the price is just right. Yep! They’re free.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Training For Busy Business Owners:

QuickBooks For Local Business Webinars” are offered by QuickBooks Pro, and owner of KAW Solutions business bookkeeping firm, Kimberly Wolfe to help business owners to understand business bookkeeping and QuickBooks. Kim is an advocate of local business, as well as a business bookkeeping expert with over a decade of business bookkeeping experience, managing a crack-team of highly trained professional business bookkeepers and accountants. If you have a question about your books or anything related to QuickBooks, Kim is the “go-to source” for answers.

For information and registration for the webinar(s), please click through to the linked form below. We look forward to helping to demystify QuickBooks and business bookkeeping, so you can bring order an calm back to your business world.