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We have our fair share of DIYers visiting this site. Many times, they aren’t really sure what they were trying to find. We think that for most of them we do actually have the answer.

Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual bookkeeping reviews.

If you do have time to do your own books and all you need is someone to ensure that they are in order every now and again, we certainly have a service solution for you. KAW Solutions offers review services based on one of three review periods. The reviews are included as a service enhancement to our regular weekly and monthly bookkeeping and accounting service maintenance members. However, this service is available as a stand-alone service and includes a membership rate guarantee should you ever need our services in the future. These services start at just $99/month, or $3/day.

So – What does this mean for me?

Membership billing rates and peace of mind. We will review the books that you provide to us on a monthly, quarterly, or annual, basis. All reviews are handled via remote access to your QuickBooks, either on your paid cloud-hosted QuickBooks account, via remote log-in if your QuickBooks is resident on your desktop, or on your QuickBooks online account. Once the review is complete, you will receive a detailed report with a pass/fail for the review period, and a summary explaining any corrective measures necessary.

Can I get help if I need it?

Should you need to have us help with the corrections, we are always happy to do so. As a review member, you would receive our current member billing rate(s) for any work we do for you. All billable hours are sold in 5 or 10 hour blocks, your choice. Purchased billable time remains on your account for one year, or until used, whichever occurs first.

What if I don’t use all the time I’ve paid for?

Our review clients are encouraged to use any remaining prepaid hours before the end of the year. One of the ways to ensure that time is completely used is to take advantage of our “Annual Tax Wrap-up (Tax Work-papers)” service. This will save you the hassle of either preparing your own Tax Work-papers for your accountant or paying accounting firm rates to have it done by them.

What if I just want help to do it myself?

We completely understand that you are a DIYers and, therefore, would prefer not to pay someone else to fix review issues. We also understand that if you didn’t catch the problem yourself, you probably didn’t realize it was a problem and may need a little expert help to fix it. You will be happy to know that KAW Solutions offers a variety of training opportunities to all of our clients. This training is offered as live webinars, prerecorded online training, and even one-on-one classes. Once you have chosen a client member service option, just let your account representative know which type of training you would prefer and they will get you set up with your choice of training options.

Decision time again.

We’ve done our absolute best to create services that cater to every business need and service level requirement. We have many happy KAW Solutions clients and have built a reputation for integrity and accuracy over more than a decade of serving local businesses as outsourced business bookkeepers, accountants, and QuickBooks Pros. We hope we’ve convinced you to choose to do business with us at some level. But we promise there’s not another page with more selling if we haven’t. Please click your choice below and we’ll know how we did. Either way, thank you for your time and we wish you the absolute best of success in your local business endeavors.

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KAW Solutions
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Michael Ross (Franchise Owner)
Michael Ross (Franchise Owner)
19:54 04 Jan 20
A great help with my books and records. We have been with them over 5 years.
Theresa D
Theresa D
17:06 03 Jan 20
Always responsive and very qualified. Nancy Warner is our account manager and has done an excellent job!
Rosalind Kramer
Rosalind Kramer
20:58 01 Jan 20
Very accurate, well organized, answer any and all questions immediately--they see the big picture for my business and... have a good understanding of tax matters etc.read more
Paulanne Gregson
Paulanne Gregson
18:30 01 Jan 20
We are very impressed by the level of professionalism & knowledge that KAW Bookkeeping Services provides for our... Interior Design Firm. We highly recommend their services! Exquisite Designsread more
tammy c
tammy c
15:24 26 Aug 19
I have a small business and have been working with KAW to help answer accounting questions and work with me in... QuickBooks. They have been very patient, helpful, and straight forward. If you have any sort of accounting or QuickBooks questions, I would highly recommend this group! Ironically enough, I was speaking with a friend on what accounting group they trust, and they too, mentioned KAW!read more
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